The unprecedented tool for slot machine designers and regulators!

SLOT-IDE allows you to generate the mathematics of slot games from a description of the game rules. No knowledge of slot mathematics is needed, a complete PAR-sheet is generated within seconds along with a playable prototype of your game and an engine that implements the game logic. All that is left for you to do is to develop the UI of the game!

Core features

It's all generated...
  1. Theoretical calculations are computed in seconds and the PAR-sheet is generated on-the-fly
  2. Generates reel-strips in few seconds with a payback-percentage of your choosing!
  3. A playable prototype of your game is generated automagically allowing you to test and experience your game
  4. The game engine is also generated and can be easily integrated into your existing platform or environment. No matter if your game is for the online, mobile or casinos, you just won't have to implement the game logic.. SLOT-IDE does it for you!
  5. Run simulations and use the generated reports to analize paylines dependent features such as the payout distribution, volatility, and coinciding hits
It's all supported...
  1. Supports games with any number of reels and visible rows (5x3 video slots, 3x3 slots, etc.)
  2. Built-in support for all major features (line pays, scatters, adjacent reels scatters, wild symbols, wild multipliers, expanding wilds etc.)
  3. Covers any kind of freespin bonus, dynamic bonuses, trails & wheels
  4. Describe games using a simple yet powerful JSON syntax
  5. Virtually supports ANY game & feature or rule by allowing you extend the syntax and to plugin your code and even debug it as it runs!
  6. Supports mixed reel strips
  7. Supports win ways (243, 1024)
  8. Allows you to adapt your game to regulated markets by letting you analyze the effect of regulatory constraints such as maximum win or limits on the bet structure

Learn by watching...


This video shows you how to define a "hello world" slot machine, taking as a reference the Aktins Slot game (a 5 reels slot machine with a wild symbol and a scatter triggering a freespin bonus that can be retriggered infinitely) and how to run theoretical calculations and simulations of the game


SLOT-IDE makes it straightforward to implement even complex bonuses where the game evolves spin after spin. This videos shows you how to implement a dynamic freespins bonus where a wild symbol is added to the reels after each spin (thus increasing the chance of winning making the bonus more fun as it is played!). The bonus is entirely described with 10 lines of configuration mixed with a bit of code!


This example video unleashes to full power of SLOT-IDE by showing you how generate the mathematics of a complex slot machine in a few seconds! We create a 5 reels game that features a freespins bonus and a wheel of fortune bonus, the latter being triggered also during free spins. We set the target payback percentage of the game to 90,00% and generate the reel strips and the game PAR sheet in 3 seconds matching exactly the payback we wanted!
Furthermore we also control the hit frequencies and paybacks of the individual bonuses to make the game real fun!

...or look at the example games


  • Added support for win ways (243, 1024)
  • Added support for mixed reels strips
  • A PHP game server based on the game engine is now available!
  • Updated documentation with mystery bonus multipliers and line-scatter pay mode
  • Added section entitled "Reel strips generation with a custom function to control payback and bonus hit frequency" to the documentation
  • Added section entitled "Chosing randomly the bonus to trigger" to the documentation
  • A NodeJS game server based on SLOT-IDE's game engine is now available. This HTTP based game server can be easily integrated in any gaming platform
  • Game engine now available! No need to implement the logic of your games, just connect your game UI to the engine by using the APIs.
  • Added support for line-scatter mode (pay anywhere on an active payline). This pay mode is widely used to trigger bonuses in slots games that are available in social networks