In the past I worked as a lead mathematician for Sogei/AAMS , being responsible for the certification and regulation of games and RNGs for the VLT market in Italy. During this experience I learned about slot mathematics and I started creating tools for it.
After that I was employed in Aristocrat Lotteries for two years and then I worked as a consultant for Novomatic for one year and a half.

In 2014 I started my own gaming company called
GameART with two other partners.
At GameART we have been creating a library of fantastic
slot games that are all based on SLOT-IDE for the mathematics, whereas the implementation of the slot logic relies on SLOT-IDE's game engine.

I have a university degree in nuclear physics and in the past I worked as a researcher in high-energy-physics at Fermilab in Chigago, Illinois being part of the CDF group, and then for a couple of IT companies (beeweeb, Nergal) in Italy.

I strongly believe that in the gaming industry there is a lack of powerful tools for designing and testing slot machine games. It's very surprising to see that still today when designing the math of a game or when computing theoretical calculations of a slot the mainstream approach is still based on tools like excel/VBA.

SLOT-IDE is an attempt to create one of such powerful tools, a tool that can be used by both regulators and game designers. It is the result of a bunch of ideas that I developed during the years 2010-2011. These ideas have been strongly influenced by conversations I had with intelligent people thta I have been in contact with. Marco Timmer and Ricardo Heymans of GLI, Oliver Bartosik of Novomatic, Thomas Rizos of Aristocrat Technologies, Xavier Bracke of GTech, Lucien Wijsman of The Slot Academy to name a few.
I'm very thankful to all of them.

Slot mathematics can be automatically generated

Saverio Castellano