The following table summarizes the license plans that are currently available for SLOT-IDE application:
Type Price Duration Computers Support Game engine*
monthly license, single computer 399€ 30 days 1 30 days encrypted
monthly license, 5 computers 999€ 30 days 5 30 days encrypted
unlimited license, single computer 2999€ unlimited 1 120 days encrypted
unlimited license, 3 computers 3999€ unlimited 3 120 days encrypted
unlimited license, 5 computers 4999€ unlimited 5 120 days encrypted
* SLOT-IDE comes with an encrypted game engine that provides the logic for your slot games when you play them on the game prototype UI embedded in SLOT-IDE application. If you wish to use the game engine to implement the business logic of your slot games you can purchase the source code of game engine separatedly (see tools table below) and integrate it in your slot application or in your existing gaming platform.

All plans include support for the period specified in the table.
In order to know how to purchase a license please contact us at

Depending on your needs you might want to purchase one of the additional tools listed below:
Tool Price Dependency Description
Game engine 4999€ Game engine that processes the game scripts defined in SLOT-IDE and provides the business logic of the corresponding game. The package includes examples showing how to integrate it in existing applications and how to create a game server based on the engine.
Pool lottery tools 1999€ Game engine Tools that allow you to create a binary database of game rounds and enable the slot engine to work as a lottery pool for what concerns the outcome generation (fixed odds). The tools include a template pool editor that allows the creation of different mathematics and RTP variants based on price levels and corrsponding tickets
Comma6a/AWP engine 2999€ Game engine Engine that processes the game script defined in SLOT-IDE and provides that complete logic of a Comma6a machine, including compensated RTP, configurable streaks, accounting meters etc.

You can use the above email address also for inquires and commercial proposals.